May 26, 2016

Visit to the Colon Theatre

On May 20th, 7th form students were taken to the Colon Theatre to go on a guided visit as an outside school activity. This is a traditional educational experience that has regained popularity since the theatre re-inauguration – and restoration – in 2010. The tour is highly appreciated by most students, because the Colon Theatre enjoys immense prestige, and its beauty, historical and cultural values arouse interest.

The educational visit organised by Textura Cultural offered an integrated experience in which English was the vehicular language to develop intercultural skills. The experience consists in an introductory talk with the students, materials and resources, and a guided visit in English at the theatre. The materials are intended to facilitate the integration of language learning and content related to the theatrical space and Argentine history, considering the script of the visit was written by historians. This educational visit has value as an instance of cultural self-awareness towards intercultural competence. Furthermore,it involves many senses and emotion, and it develops the sense of observation as well as interpersonal communication.

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